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The Salzburg Zoo is located in the south of Salzburg and opens its doors every day at 9 a.m.


A journey description to the Zoo Salzburg and a map about the Zoo area you can find here:

Journey description



Accessibility for disabled people is also given everywhere during the visit to our zoo. All our paths are gravelled. Only the slope towards “Africa” might be a little difficult to overcome without help from others; all the other sections of the zoo are easily accessible by wheelchairs. A toilet for handicapped people is situated on the opposite of the zoo restaurant. We will be at your service if you should need any help.


To make sure the journey through the animal world isn’t too exhausting for our younger visitors we provide hand carts for your disposal which you can lend – free of charge – right next to the souvenir shop.


Dogs are welcome inside the zoo if kept on short leash during the whole time of your visit. A visit to the zoo is not only an enriching experience for your dog but also for our zoo animals which appreciate any alternation from the “standard visitors”.


Feeding the animals is strictly forbidden! Uncontrolled feeding of our animals causes damage to their health and can even lead to death. Only our domestic animals like our dwarf goats in the petting zoo may be fed with special pellets that can be bought at the cashiers’ desk on the entrance.


You can also visit the zoo at night every Friday and Saturday in August. This gives you the chance to experience the life and bustle of our animals at nighttimes until 11:00 p.m. (last admission at 09:30 p.m.). The zoo is always worth a visit at every time of the year and during every weather condition. We are open 365 days a year.


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